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Led by Sensei Jason Nichols - 5th Dan Shukokai/Shitoryu, Level 2 Government Qualified Karate Coach and National AKF Referee/Judge, he and his team of exceptional and experienced instructors will guide you through our proven and educational karate programs for ages 4 years and up.


Take advantage of our fantastic 'Starter Offer' and join one of the most progressive and popular karate clubs in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. At Sakura, you are assured of receiving the latest and up to date training methods, blended with the traditional values of karate.


Improve your Confidence, Self Esteem and overall Health by training in a dynamic, safe and encouraging environment where everyone meets and has fun. Whether you join for Fitness, Self Defence, Self Development or just to be a better version of yourself, Sakura is the place to be.


We have programs that will challenge you. We have programs that you will enjoy. We have programs where you will meet new people who will become lifelong friends. Join the club of choice. Let us be your mentor, let us be your trusted coach. Let us make you better.