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We are the most progressive Martial Arts club in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Training at Sakura we will develop your confidence and character along with the many athletic traits karate utilises, including strength, power, speed, agility and flexibility. We will encourage your effort and perseverance, make you more resilient, increase your focus, carve out a stronger mind and body, harness your determination and make you the best person you can be - all through the training of martial arts.




Sakura is a thriving local karate community. Most of our members have families training including mum, dad and all the kids. This is why Sakura is known as the 'family' club. Our lead instructor has over 30 years of martial arts experience, so you are guaranteed you are learning from one of the best coaches and mentors in the field. We have great pleasure watching many students grow and thrive and become the best they can be. The tenets of respect, values, appreciation, apathy, encouragement, perseverance and goal setting are all taught and developed at Sakura.




Sakura is proud to deliver programs that encourage, inspire and challenge our students and give them the skills to thrive. Give us a call or visit us and find out more about being part of our family club at Sakura.





Sakura Karate Club are proud members of Kobe Osaka International. KOI Chief Instructor Shihan Tommy Morris, who trained under Shukokai masters Chojiro Tani and Shigeru Kimura, is the president of Kobe Osaka. He was awarded 8th Dan in 2003 by the World Karate Federation (WKF). He visits Sakura every September to hold his annual seminar and international grading.


For further information about Kobe Osaka, please log onto their website Kobe Osaka International



 Sakura Karate are members of

  • Australian Karate Federation
  • Karate Victoria
  • Kobe Osaka International
  • Melbourne Karate Clubs (Blackburn Karate)