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Karate for all adult ages. We offer training that is targeted to your age and physical condition. For 15 years of age and over, you will train with like-minded students at your level, at your pace, in your own time which gives you peace of mind when beginning karate for the very first time.


Through constant and regular training you will see improvements in your mental and physical health. Your body and mind will become stronger. People take up karate for many reasons, whether it be for fitness, self defence, make new friends or set targets and goals to achieve a black belt. Whatever your reason, Sakura will help you achieve those goals.



  • learn self defence skills
  • improve your overall fitness
  • see increases in speed and agility
  • improve strength and power through conditioning and toning
  • balance and flexibility will be improved
  • challenging your body, challenge your mind
  • increase confidence, self belief and self esteem - become a better version of you
  • develops character, resilience and a never give up attitude


  • blocking, striking, kicking and stances
  • kata (patterns of movement)
  • personal self-defence skills 
  • techniques to increase power, accuracy and speed (shukokai)
  • sparring (kumite) in a controlled and safe environment
  • drills to encourage belief, leadership and concentration
  • combination drills
  • impact training
  • weapons


The Adult Black Belt path is around 4 to 5 years training.  If you do make it, your a special kind of person, as not many do. Being a black belt requires dedication, discipline and hard work. Do you have what it takes? 



Monday / Wednesday / Friday

7:00pm - 8:00pm


Tuesday & Thursday

7:45pm - 8:45pm